Test drive our RideScheduler!

FIA is now “test driving” a more efficient way for volunteers to accept an appointment, monitor your appointments and track your time spent and miles driven! This is a user friendly online tracking system that uses emails to communicate with you. We are asking our drivers with access to a computer and email try out this system and let us know what you think.

NOTE: We will continue to have a volunteer on our Transportation Desk to enter your availability, accept appointments from care receivers and call for drivers who do not use RideScheduler. Using this system, our Transportation Desk volunteers will greatly reduce not only the paper load but also the time spent assigning rides and tracking time and mileage.

RideScheduler is located on the internet: http://bnfia.com.
A permanent link to RideScheduler is available on our Volunteers web page in the right hand column.



 How RideScheduler Works

  1. In a weekly email: FIA sends you a list of the upcoming rides which are available.
  2. If you see any rides in the list that you can provide: Click the Accept button (or link) next to the ride.
    The RideScheduler app will open in your browser to your profile page.
  3. Click Accept.
    An email will automatically be sent to you with details about the appointment.

NOTE: The first time RideScheduler opens, please go to the Change Password page to create your own password for the application.

Benefits of RideScheduler

There are many great things about this program:

  • Flexible: It automatically tracks your mileage and time, based up on the scheduled appointment.  If you end up staying longer, or taking a longer route, you can go back in and add that afterwards (including an extra stop).
  • Maps Provided: For each ride, maps between the care receiver’s home and the location of the appointment and directions are provided.  It will even show you how to get from your home to the care receiver’s home as well.